First Post First December

12 Dec

Thanks to my accidentally switching off the power supply while the computer was running, my HDD got corrupted and I spent a part of my life trying not to think about 1 year’s worth of school work, all my digital artwork,  and almost 40gig of photos, among other things.

But now that everything seems to have resolved properly, and I’ve got my computer back, and this blog is set up, why not start where I left off? :D

First of December:

20081201bYellow Coca-cola tee [Hurs], Black suspenders [Far East], Black shorts [bYSI], Brown slipper [stall cart], Faded pink slipper [Vietnam]

And black ‘R’ earrings given by my ex-roommate for my name ♥

I went to Ling’s house to eat bake Russian Tea Cakes. It was unexpectedly easy to bake.

The one that looks like a cat was Ling’s. The one that looks like a dog (but is actually a cat!) was mine. Fail. orz20081201e5

Snapped a lot of pictures of her cat, the haughty creature. It took a (failed) swipe when I started petting it and I stomped off swearing to ignore the ingrate (the last time I visited it had endeared itself to me, so my ego was hurt :P). Later in the day it came and rubbed itself on my legs wanting to be pet. I couldn’t resist.




All in all not a bad day at all to start the month of the end of the year.


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