13 Dec

Had a KTV session from 11am-6pm. I still can’t believe we forgot about lunch because of all the singing. Sometimes I fear that one day I’d find that my voice broke because of all the shouting songs I’m prone to sing.

Anyway, one of the girls sent an sms regarding the meetup, which included,

N e theme 4 tml is accessorize! As much as u can!

I didn’t know there was going to be a theme, but all in good fun :D Turned out I took the sms too seriously, being the one with the most accessories OTL But it made me think more about the types of ornaments one can juggle…

20081212a 20081212b
Pink hearts shades [online spree], White tank [Giordano], Green top [77th Street], Black transparent outer [Budinsea], Checkered skirt [Malaysia], Jeans [Bugis Village], Black flats [Anna Nucci]

A little bit of Christmas XD

Right hand, Indian gold and black bangles that my mum bought in 2005/2006. Only opened this set today ^^;

Indian colored butterfly bangle on my left.

The _ face.

I still have not made up my mind completely on whether people who wear shades indoors or at night are being ridiculous or being ridiculously cool.

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