13 Dec

The outfit was centered around my new plaid shorts. I bought it online (during my deadlines!period which resulted in online shopping as a displacement activity), and discovered that it was one size too large. Actually, it’s probably a few sizes too large, since it can be pulled right off my bum without unfastening anything.

Therefore out came the suspenders, and the rest of the colors just came to fit in a red-brownish ensemble. Covered up because I am more prone to cold when I don’t sleep the night before, catching up on season three of Heroes before going for an outing with a friend OTL

I also tested out a toy camera I recently acquired. First picture below was a double exposure of color negative film. The rest were taken with a p&s.

White sleeveless top [gift], Red cardi [Malaysia], Brown suspenders [Far East], Plaid shorts [Charlotte Russe], Brown leggings [online spree], Brown shoes [Jwest]

And a red lion Swatch [gift]

20081208d 20081208e
Details of the white top and the funny-looking ends of the suspenders. I like how the hood coincides with the V-shape.

Btw, white top and red cardi were the same as that worn in this outfit posted to Flickr:

20081107 || sunny

Next time no more gambling with online purchases of clothes!


One Response to “Brownish”

  1. Jubah Dress August 17, 2013 at 2:24 am #

    Dah 2 hari saya cari maklumat tentang nie… nasib baik
    jumpa blog awak… thanks.. info nie banyak bantu saya.

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