Day 02 Kuching

24 Dec

That day we went around in a van and endured heavy downpours while visiting Orang Utans and tribal peoples.

dress skirt ✿ Far East, grey cardigan ✿ gift, black checked leggings ✿ some shop, silver flats ✿ Cotton On, bag (to keep the camera) ✿ NaRaYa

The following photos were not orchestrated by me, but by my mum who loves to take sneak shots of the family and all things interesting. But since this is about my clothes, there is only me in the next two I picked out.

Details of the leggings better seen here. Actually there are miniscule colorful hearts at each intersection of the white lines, but they weren’t really visible even after being stretched :S

(This btw, was the other pair that I bought 3 posts back :D it was a bit shorter than the other though, and just kept slipping up my ankle.)

Face of the miserable because it is bloody hard to operate a manual focus camera while keeping an umbrella upright. And therefore said camera retired to the bag.

I need three arms.


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