Day 03 Kuching

24 Dec

That day was spent lazing in the hotel room (my lazy family!). They napped while I watched high school boys run a relay marathon for 2 hours on NHK, among other things.

After that we went for a cruise in the evening along the river and then it was dinner where we saw a banner advertising for a Times warehouse sale up to 70% one level below where we were going to have dinner. JOY! I tried not to go crazy there.

20081221a 20081221b
dress top ✿ Hong Kong (gift), grey cardigan ✿ gift, charcoal leggings ✿ 3 Dots (Kuching), silver flats ✿ Cotton On, cotton bag ✿ Myanmar (gift)

The leggings were bought in a shopping mall in Kuching. 50% discount at the original price of RM17.90. HOW COULD I RESIST. Bought a lime green, RGB red and RGB blue, light grey and charcoal even thought they’re only 70 denier. Asked for yellow but the shopkeeper laughed a bit at my sparkly eyes and said what I saw on the rack was what they had :P

Close-up of the rattan(?) bangles I bought the day before from the tribal village. It has a fascinating primitive clasp mechanism! Cotton bag with funny Engrish was used to keep camera accessories originally (because it was given by a friend whom we’ve shared photography classes together) but for that day kept additional stuff like tissue and my coin purse.

Taken by my mum who, when not taking sneak shots or interesting things, tells me to smile for the camera (and therefore I don’t because I am antagonistic like that, and therefore the cycle continues). Sometimes I cave in.


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