End of 2008

31 Dec

Do pardon the absence. Have been too occupied with books these few days (thought it was about high time that I actually unwrap those books that I bought, delayed gratification and all). Here are two days of outfits :)

This was what I wore for a solitary outing in search of shoes. It wasn’t fruitful. And I caught a cold later that night (no cardigan in an air-conditioned building + too tired to blow-dry hair when I came back :S).

Grey tee ✿ Hurs, Grey shorts ✿ Japan, Black bag ✿ Far East, Brown slippers ✿ gift (from a temporary stall by my aunt)

Citizen watch– a birthday gift from my father when I was 18. I didn’t realise that the time was off because it didn’t get sufficient light under the debris on top of my table, until later in the day. And those Indian bangles. The paint is coming off and they’re getting closer to looking more transparent each time.

$3 slippers. They’re pretty like seashells, but can cause discomfort when walked in for long periods. At the end of the day I found the web between my big toe and second toe to be red :(


The next day I spent with my best friend shopping (for shoes). We ended up too late to catch the movie we wanted and went again the day after (when I finally bought shoes) XDD

Dress top ✿ Yuko, Black translucent jacket ✿ Budinsea, Dark grey leggings (70 denier) ✿ 3 Dots, Black bag ✿ Far east, Checkered shoes ✿ Japan

Detail of the dress top.

dsc02432 dsc02429
This was what my outfit was centered on– a necklace that, until he passed it to me a few days ago, was kept by my father since 1992, after he came back from a work trip in London to find that the intended recipient (my mum) had left, taking me and my brother with her. So drama! I want this to be a family heirloom.

Ceramic on gold-plated stuff.

It matches pretty well with the gold on the bag XD

Found out that I was one of the featured w_r peoples here. Coolios!!

Have a happy new year everyone!

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