3 Jan

Wearing my new heels! The friend I was meeting remarked that I somehow managed to pull off floral mixes, and add two checkered pieces. It confused me a little because it wasn’t really a conscious choice of pattern, but more of a color one… ^^;

I had wanted to wear my new 240 denier leggings (which was hell to put on btw), which matched the black heels, and then the floral skirt came up because it was lying around. Not wanting to dress so casually I opted for the collared red shirt over white tees or the purple gingham which looked off, and because it was red I chose my red hoop earrings, and the bunny bag was so that I could bring a book to read (otherwise said book wouldn’t fit into the bag of my first choice). Plus it was red too so there was a link to the outfit.

dsc02483 dsc02484
Red floral shirt ✿ Mono+ (gift), Floral skirt ✿ online spree, Black leggings (240 denier) ✿ online spree, Black wedges ✿ Novo, Red bunny bag ✿ Ich (gift)


I went out looking for mary-jane chunky heels and came back with a totally different shoe. I like! The contour of the heels! The not too high and not too short height! The toe area which doesn’t kill my toes! The discount I got it at! XDDDD

Minus points though, for the ribbon which kinda disappears into the black (but matches the texture and tone of my leggings). Am thinking of glueing/sewing something colorful in the middle, like a berry-like tumour.

Minus points also for being too large when I started walking around in it and my feet slipped forward. Had to buy the heel backing to pad it, and even then the right shoe was still a teeny bit loose.

My mum saw the necklace and said that I was wearing the pendant upside down. It has since been rectified >_<

Weirdly colored bangles which my mum bought together with those Indian ones. They shimmer like oil.

dsc02490 dsc02494
Checkered earrings and bunny bag. I love the $10 Cotton On bra I bought today! It is the only style that I can wear due to my not being generous in the chest area, and the pattern is so cute! My current one is in tatters and I’ve been searching for the style to no avail until today’s godsend. Doesn’t it look like bunny bag is lazing at the beach? XD

Come to think of it I should have bought more… Darn you hindsight!

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