Not Cold

5 Jan

Today I decided to be brave and forgo a cardigan. Ultimately I suffered a little under the combination of air-conditioning and iced Azuki Coffee Cooler at The Coffee Club with my long-lost friends XD

White printed singlet ✿ Bangkok (gift), Orange belt ✿ Mango Factory Outlet (Genting), Light blue jeans ✿ Bugis Village, Brown sling bag ✿ gift, Silver flats ✿ Cotton On

Detail of the printed singlet with the Buddhist pendant that has become mine XDD

Previous outfits with the singlet. Note they’re always with protection against the cold XDD

20080817 || rain 20080826 || pouring, cloudy 20080906 || sunny, rain

Watch was a random gift from Mum. It is too loose on me but the face is nice.

Detail of the silver flats. Cracked bits of shiny!

The Chinese New Year deco on the pillars were amazing. The flowers (peonies perhaps?) are taped onto the illustrated branches. There were other pillars on the higher floors of the shopping mall with attached branches of plum blossoms. They were lovely too.

School starts just hours away! Am alternating between dread of homework and joy of seeing schoolmates again.


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