6 Jan

Today my hair was surprisingly comfortable when let down.

Green dress top ✿ gift, Green striped pullover ✿Mango factory outlet (Genting), Blue scarf ✿ forgot, Black striped leggings ✿ some shop, Red bunny bag ✿ gift (Ich), Silver flats ✿ Cotton On.

Testing the stability of the roller-tray.

It didn’t seem strong enough to hold my weight :(

The Boy and I had green by coincidence :P (and somehow I look lecherous…)

The day started off bad but when school was over and I was left to continue my homework it was surprisingly nice. Also I need to bring gloves to school. It is so ridiculous a temperature that my hands were iced.

But it’s also because of my poor blood circulation… Am going to rectify that by excercising for the first time in forever! Someday.

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