20 Jan

I divide my clothes into 3. They go in a hierarchy of Sleepwear (big shirts and old school pe shorts), Neighbourhood Wear (tees that aren’t as rugged but not especially aestheically pleasing either), and Going-Out Wear (majority of my clothes).

Since my clothes which are at the top of the pile of clothes are usually recycled more often ( ‘out of sight out of mind’ theory XD), today I decided to take the Neighbourhood Wear tee from the very bottom of the pile of clothes and incorporate it into Going-Out Wear.

White tee ✿ gift (Fila)
White belt ✿ Purpur
Checkered skirt ✿ Malaysia
Black flats (not shown) ✿ Anna Nucci

The house is actually a mess XD

Close-up. Rabbit says it is an Italian Heritage Fila, whatever that means.

img_3048 img_3046
I love the amount of material in the skirt, though it’s tendency to lift up in recent windy weather was a cause of concern several times today ^^;

Outfit: Everyone was surprised at how thin I was, even me :( but that’s probably just the belt placement emphasizing my big butt (and therefore the indication of a small waist) :D

Well at least I’ve always wanted to try the high-waist belted outfit :D

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