Blue + Yellow

22 Jan

I really wanted to wear blue leggings and yellow mary janes.

Like this.

But I didn’t really know what to pile on for the rest of the outfit, and it ended up as a vague hit-or-miss. Maybe it would have worked better if the tops were more bold instead of bland. Perhaps I should have changed to white sneakers to accomodate the outfit (defeating my initial purpose).

But I like the idea that if I were hidden behind a table, people would only see my prim and proper top half and get violated by the colors when I stand up XDD

Checked shirt ✿ gift (Hang Ten)
Grey cardigan ✿ Bugis Village
Skirt ✿ Bus Stop
Turquoise leggings (120 denier) ✿ online
Yellow mary janes ✿ painted by me

dsc02697 dsc02699
The Boy and I often seem to have coordinating outfits even though it’s all a coincidence XD

Staying in places where weaker light masks my hair roots are better :P


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