22 Jan

Met The Boy’s new room-mate (hunky American-bred Korean! lol) today:

Roommate: Hi, I’m Min.
Me: Er you can call me Ren.
Roommate: Nice to meet you.
Me: Er, nice.

And then I proceeded to mumble gibberish and turn my back and ignore his existence altogether. I think it had less to do with him being a hunk and more to do with my severe lack of social/verbal skills. Incorrigible introvert :(

In my defense I am known to be the bravest in my group of friends at times. It all depends on who I’m with I guess.

The experience also encapsulates why my soul mate is the computer :P

Green tee ✿ gift (Thailand)
Skinny jeans ✿ Japan
M&M’s belt ✿ Bugis Village
White sneakers ✿ B.U.M Equipment
Brown bag ✿ Bugis Village

dsc02727 dsc02725
Bleh x 2


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