Old Rice

4 Feb

There’s a container of jewellery from my childhood that was unearthed while spring cleaning (which I’m in the midst of taking a hiatus from… too much junk/memorabilia/sentimental attachments!). I think I’ll start wearing them for old time’s sake in the next outfits :P

Anyway the photo below was taken in a narrow corridoor. Someone’s project was there – black and white checkered papers lining the wall, and I thought, hey, my skirt! Too bad it doesn’t really show up here.

Purple shirt ✿ dad’s old one
Orange belt ✿ Mango Factory Outlet (Genting)
Checkered skirt ✿ KL, Malaysia
Yellow mary janes ✿ painted by me

This was so long ago that the liquid dried up/solidified (I can’t really tell, but there seems to be a pocket of air at the rice). It was from one of my many childhood trips to Genting with my extended family, and has my chinese name written on a grain of rice.

Some beads on an elastic string from long ago too, plus the random watch given by my mum that is too loose, and the butterfly ring bought from Odaiba, Japan.

Color combination from my rushed breakfast of Fruit Loops! I wonder that they’re actually made of underneath the sugar and artificial coloring…

2 Responses to “Old Rice”

  1. baśka February 4, 2009 at 4:44 pm #

    very nice photo! :) making me smile ;))

  2. ★ren February 6, 2009 at 2:01 am #

    hehe thank you! enjoy your upcoming weekend! :D

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