18 Feb

The Boy and I exchanged gifts on Valentine’s day– no flowers involved, not ones from the florist at least :P

This was what I made for The Boy, after realising in horror that he keeps his earrings in a contact lens case.

The Boy made me a TLR necklace which doesn’t really look proportionate haha!

And a lovely pop-up card!




I also got this yellow guy which cleans the keyboard free the day before, and since I don’t use it, also gave it to The Boy.

There is a piece of double-sided tape on its butt to prevent half of him from falling.
20090214h 20090214i

Coincidentally he could also be kept in the box. In halves :P

How was your Valentine’s Day?

(My ideal holiday is usually a book or the internet but this year it was kind of like an obligatory thing XD)


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