Skirted and Dressed

20 Feb

Last morning I traipsed down to my aunt’s house where she made me a yummy breakfast of a chicken cutlet sandwich, a bowl of chopped papayas, and a cup of warm Milo. I really miss home-cooked food T^T

The first picture was taken in her house. Sated. The second picture was taken in a school car park while waiting for dinner. Twitchy.

20090219a 20090219b
Cloud singlet ✿ Malaysia
Grey cardigan ✿ Bugis Village
Skirt ✿ Ebase
Mary janes ✿ painted by me
Bag ✿ gift (Taiwan)

Today I went to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with friends. The movie made me cry so much that a portion of the scarf was damp XD (But I think I’ll enjoy Slum Dog Millionaire even more tomorrow!)

The theme was to wear skirts, so I wore a dress and layered a tee on top.

20090220a 20090220b
Red dress ✿ Mapleaf
Pop Rocks tee ✿ Hurs
Black scarf ✿ free from magazine
Black wedges ✿ Novo
Brown bag ✿ Bugis Village

Attempted a vacuous look with my mannequin friend in the middle of the walkway. Actually I’m always a little wary of mannequins, but not as much as I am about butterflies ever since reading about their spores in an encyclopedia when I was about ten and prone to roaming about my cousin’s garden and it’s ecosystem…

That said, a butterfly circled me yesterday while walking in school and suddenly its activities halted. I wondered what happened to it when I looked down and there it was, the beautiful blue winged insect, perched on my left boob. OTL

Sliced up.

Funny feet and blistered feet.

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