22 Feb

You can see The Boy’s reflection in this picture haha!

Green top ✿ 77th street
Black top ✿ Topshop
Necklace ✿ handed down from aunt
Yellow shorts ✿ Bugis Village
White sneakers ✿ B.U.M. Equipment
Brown bag ✿ Bugis Village

20090221b 20090221c
Different people have different ways of reacting to The Light; does not mean that any one is wrong.


This was often mistaken for seashells today.

Pink socks ✿ Minitoons

20090221g 20090221h
This was really The Boy’s idea, I just did the shoddy work of erasing strips of us :P

Here’s some Singlish :D
Proper English and translations are in italics.

The Boy: haha
The Boy: canot put tgd hor? [we can’t merge the pictures together right?]
Me: i try [I’ll try]
Me sends: [even shoddier image omitted]
Me: HAHAHA cmi la
The Boy: cmi is wat? [what is ‘cmi’?]
The Boy: walao [what the hell]
The Boy: u kno ps not? [do you know how to use photoshop? *sarcasm*]
The Boy: hahaha
Me: cmi = cannot make it [cmi is one of the acronym slangs we usually use, it just means it couldn’t make the cut or is of a lousy standard]
Me: hahaha i anyhow put tgr le la [hahaha I didn’t put much effort in merging them]
The Boy sends:

Me: COOL!!!
Me: how u do it? [how did you do it?]
The Boy: after i merge it… i realize tat u cut urself out its pretty messy too…hahah [after I merged it, I realised that you did a pretty shoddy job erasing strips off our bodies haha]
The Boy: my image is ontop urs [the image of me was layered on top of yours]
Me: ya too tired le XD [yup I was too tired already]
The Boy: then i use polygon tool to trace ur horizontal wood then delete the selection on my picture [some photoshop explanations]
Me: wah lau its only LQ img ley… [no shit you were only working on a low-quality image you know..]
The Boy: then do some cloning [some more photoshop jargon]
Me: i shud have sent u ori files [I should have sent you the original files]
Me: CLONGING[sic] [photoshop jargon]
The Boy: wat? [what?]
Me: i not so hardcore [I’m not as crazy as you are]
Me: u win
The Boy: haha
The Boy: of  course!

The end!


2 Responses to “Wooden”

  1. Kaja February 22, 2009 at 5:30 pm #

    haha I totally loved this! the photoshop work is totally cool:D and of course you look so pretty, you make me want to wear shorts! though its’s still winter where I live :(

  2. ★ren February 25, 2009 at 3:22 pm #

    Thank you! Photoshop is always fun XD
    Well it’s always summer here but I think having four seasons is a great way to vary outfits! Maybe shorts and many many many leggings in winter? XD

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