Basic Gold

26 Feb

Favoured sleep over homework last night, which was a pity if you look at it from a certain point of view. But it brought a certain sense of freedom today despite having had to come to school on a holiday :D

(On that note, it does say something about how hard we’re being worked when I didn’t realise that it was a school holiday when I was in school. So many faces today!)

20090226a 20090226b
Black top ✿ Chocolate
Cardigan ✿ Malaysia
Yellow shorts ✿ Bugis Village
Brown shoes ✿ Jwest
Brown bag ✿ Bugis Village


Necklace ✿ handed down from aunt
Hairband ✿ gift (made by my cousin)

I don’t frequently wear hairbands because they tend to bounce out of my head whenever I chew, and it does feel a bit like I’m Sun Wukong… but this was the only head accessory I could find in my school locker when I wanted pins to clip my fringe up. My cousin is amazing for making me this comfy hairband!

Tabi socks ✿ Minitoons

Pairing an elegant gold piece to a casual outfit was surprisingly okay.


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