Eyebrow Level

19 Mar

This morning my aunt came over and we had a quick snip of my fringe. Finally my eyes do not hurt anymore!

Anyway this is the shimmery blue leggings I got at a sale (S$9!!!) last weekend :D

Black top ✿ Chocolate
Grey skirt ✿ Budinsea
Blue shimmer leggings ✿ Warehouse
Silver flats ✿ Cotton On
Red bunny bag ✿ gift (Ich)

20090318b 20090318c
That CMYK splash of color is done by another group of juniors… there’s a pillar in front that, when viewed at a certain angle, completes the picture.



What do you do with big drawing boards? Sneak away with them of course!

Okay no not really. But it’d be nice to have one at home :P

2 Responses to “Eyebrow Level”

  1. Emily Anne March 19, 2009 at 10:41 am #

    How do you manage to always look so amazing! I cant take it! :D. I loved this post. Mainly because it included both art and fashion…my two loves.

    Big drawing boards = amazing. ART IS MY LIFE.
    I also like your skirt and your bag a lot.
    And the CMYK splash of color BLOWS MY MIND!!

    • ★ren March 20, 2009 at 2:53 am #

      Thank you! YES THE CMYK IS SUCH AN EXPLOSION! I hope they got an A+ XDDD
      Are you going to (/go to) art school?

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