Greyish Cereal

22 Apr

What I wore to my Sociology examination. The compulsory module (we have to take a course to learn about Singapore) made me question a lot of things that I took for granted, and I know it’ll be one of the courses I’ll leave feeling like I’ve actually  learned something. Doing well for the examination is another matter altogether :P

20090421a 20090421b


White pearl hoop earring ✿ one of my group members bought it for $2 a pair for our Western Art History presentation on the girl with the pearl earring ^^;
Peach pearl earring ✿ gift (mum’s friend made it)
Beige Kellogs tee ✿ Hurs
Grey long cardigan ✿ Bugis Village
While elastic belt ✿ Purpur
Grey dotted skirt ✿ Budinsea
Orange plaid leggings ✿ Topshop
Black ribbon flats ✿ Tangerine

This was my seat number, and it was right behind a huge column that the clock was out of sight, and invigilators were invisible until they appeared right next to me to collect my paper.

Obviously there is a conspiracy for me to fail this course!


2 Responses to “Greyish Cereal”

  1. Carol M. April 22, 2009 at 10:04 pm #

    omg, i love all here!
    thisskirt is beautiful, this leggings is very cool and all together is perfect!

    • ★ren April 25, 2009 at 2:40 am #

      Thank you! I think the skirt’s selling point is all in the pockets! XDD

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