Printed Flowers

13 Jun

I’m sorry for the long absence– many things kept in the way of updating the blog such as finally catching up to 403 episodes of One Piece, among other trivial but time-consuming stuff like school and projects… but I did find time, most of the time, to take photos ^^;

Here are the first two outfits from the backlog:

20090529a 20090529b
Brown dress top ✿ Far East
Black leggings ✿ Zara
Black ribbon flats  ✿  Tangerine
TLR necklace ✿ made by The Boy
Red lion watch ✿ gift (Swatch)




The next day I decided to wear fake leggings XD

20090601a 20090601b
White monster tee ✿ Punkstar
Purple dress-skirt ✿ gift (Hong Kong)
Black lace socks ✿ Takashimaya
Black ribbon flats  ✿  Tangerine

Both outfits were taken with my dad as the human tripod, who complained that I always like to take photos against a boring wall. So the second day was taken in a more interesting setting as a reply to him haha!


2 Responses to “Printed Flowers”

  1. Sophie June 13, 2009 at 5:06 am #

    Adore both your outfits! But I just fell in love with the purple dress skirt.

    Btw, I’d like to invite you to enter my blog givaway, I’m offering 2 headbands from my Gossip collection.


  2. elenalu June 13, 2009 at 6:15 am #

    dude im loving the colors and pattern of the skirt part of the dress skirt!!

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