Bohemian Beads

17 Jun

It just wasn’t a good day to take photos >_<

But it was a good time to show off the second necklace that a friend bought for me from Japan :) I know exactly what skirt to pair it off with, but the problem is that I haven’t worn the skirt too many times for the good reason that I have no idea what to top it off. Oh well!

20090612a 20090612b
White printed singlet ✿ gift (Bangkok)
Black bubble pinafore ✿ Kosit
White sneakers ✿ B.U.M. Equipment
Necklace ✿ gift (Japan)

20090612c 20090612d

This insect is more colourful than me. Also,  it nearly crawled onto my super dirty sneakers when I propped it up for size comparison. And then I nearly fell down the stairs in my attempt to avoid such an occurrence ^^;

Look at that pattern and two-toned legs!


One Response to “Bohemian Beads”

  1. elenalu June 18, 2009 at 2:03 am #

    ok no falling off the stairs you hear me missy?! haha
    love this other necklace too what a lovely friend!

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