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Short Hiatus

22 Oct

My apologies for the lack of updates… my desktop died and I finally placed an order for a new computer two days ago after trying to survive on the iPod Touch and squeezing in time for school computers for internet activities.

In other words, Macbook Pro arriving in approximately a week’s time! Woohoo!

Also, I cut my hair shorter earlier this month:



This was the outfit for October tenth… that post would come soon, but not before I get through the humongous backlog of outfit posts before that date, so don’t be surprised when a week later, my next outfit post still has me in longer hair :P

More and more real life friends are getting to know this blog. One found it through an image search on bus stops (I was the only human image which came up), and another through a search for 120 denier leggings. I am getting paranoid!

Hahaha but hallo real life friends :P



12 Aug

I was interviewed by Worn Fashion Journal!

Do read more about it here: Share What You Wear, Wear What You Love: An Inside Look at Wardrobe Remix


I can’t express how flattered I am to be sharing the space about Wardrobe Remix with two other stylish people, lebonbonmulticolore and loveaslug XDDDDDDDD

I am enamored with their website design btw, it has such feel-good colours and quirky drawings!


5 Apr

Capricho was very kind to have me on their website!

Here are my answers for those who, like me, don’t understand Portuguese :DDD

What/Who inspires your wardrobe and why?
Everything is potential for inspiration! Illustrations, comic books, graphic designs and photographs are also very inspiring especially in the online community. Of course, a lot of people in all of these stylish communities inspire me, everyone has such unique ways of wearing clothes that it’s always a feast for the eyes. I think it’s great to be bombarded by so many avenues because these ideas probably stick in the subconscious mind and surface at some point when you least expect it.

Who are your favorite designers?
To tell the truth I don’t keep up with the fashion world… But I think anyone who designs clothes are fabulous.

What is your favorite piece in your wardrobe?
My grey shorts from Japan is my favourite because of the huge pockets and versatility.

What trend from the past would like to make a comeback?
In the past people here wore pearls and gold accessories. I think it’d be nice to see more of that now.

What clothing item would you say is timeless?
A flower in the hair :D


I’m very taken with the comments there! Everyone is so frank and perhaps it shows a little of my twisted mentality when I especially like the negative ones; it’s not everyday that you get people cutting you down to size XDD

Or maybe part of it was due to Babelfish, because I absolutely lol-ed at ‘big cookie face‘, ‘square shaped face‘ and ‘face of old!

I humbly accept your astute observations m(_ _)m

Thank you for making my day, Capricho! <3 <3 <333


29 Mar

My brother is in the middle of his vacation in Japan, and tonight he came online to burst a piece of shocking news to me.

Brother says (23:20):
hey wtf
just now i went to kinokuniya
the very fiorst book that i flipped open and browsed thru
u were inside la
Brother says (23:21):
i purposely siam from home so many miles away and i still see u lol
(‘siam’ = Singlish for ‘get away’)
i bought tghe book anyway
the title is something like ‘what you wear everyday’
(It’s actually ‘What I Wore Today‘)
sopmething along that lines
Me says (23:22):
okay thanks
Brother says (23:22):
anyway so coincidental
Me says (23:22):
Brother says (23:22):
like wtf man
Me says (23:23):
ya thanks
Brother says (23:23):
i saw a dam familiar weird fashion some girl was wearing
i was just flipping the book
Me says (23:23):
i din know it got sent to japan cool
(‘din’ = short form of ‘didn’t’)
Brother says (23:23):
no idea…
just randomly picked up the book
the girl on the front cover was asking me to
Me says (23:23):

You can see how flabbergasted we both were from the conversation haha!

Out of all my real life relationships, it’s only been The Boy who’s known of this. (Some of them know I’m taking pictures, but they don’t know of the site ) Now, by some strange stroke of luck, my brother knows about it too. Is there some kind of invisible hand out there? XDDDDDDDDD

Also, looks like I’ll be getting a copy from my brother’s hands sooner than the one from the publisher!

Irregular Choices for Irregular People

19 Dec

While walking about town window shopping because we’d finish making Tiramisu, I spied a funny looking shoe in Isetan. Oh look it’s a face! I squealed, gravitating towards the shelf.





This one feels very pixie-ish! I like.

BUT I LOVE THIS EVEN MORE. Those heels! The cute cartoon!

Tabi heels!

That gold cat and this color!

THE COLORS. Am especially tickled by the border for the toes.

I love how their shoes are so sculptural, yet not over-the-top. Moving architecture I say!

I would wear heels more often and tower over everyone I know just for the sake of these amazing works :3

All pictures of shoes are taken from their homepage: Irregular Choice Store.

Will be away till Monday night, little trip to a neighbouring country :D