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25 Jun

Basic colours for going to school:

20090623a 20090623b
Red tee ✿ Radioactive
Turquoise belt ✿ Far East
Dark blue denim skirt ✿ Bus Stop
White sneakers ✿ B.U.M. Equipment
Dark brown leather bag ✿ Bigi
Pink bow hairclip ✿ made by me

I bought this tee many years ago in Malaysia, mainly because the print extends to the sleeve. Haven’t worn it often since it was at the very bottom of my clothes pile XDD


I made these the day before and was eager to wear it out! I followed the really nifty tutorial by Sophie here :DD

Unfortunately the pink ribbon wasn’t made of satin and I didn’t wire it so everyone knew it was homemade OTL (but the blue one in the background was satin and the form looked more defined!)



18 Feb

The Boy and I exchanged gifts on Valentine’s day– no flowers involved, not ones from the florist at least :P

This was what I made for The Boy, after realising in horror that he keeps his earrings in a contact lens case.

The Boy made me a TLR necklace which doesn’t really look proportionate haha!

And a lovely pop-up card!




I also got this yellow guy which cleans the keyboard free the day before, and since I don’t use it, also gave it to The Boy.

There is a piece of double-sided tape on its butt to prevent half of him from falling.
20090214h 20090214i

Coincidentally he could also be kept in the box. In halves :P

How was your Valentine’s Day?

(My ideal holiday is usually a book or the internet but this year it was kind of like an obligatory thing XD)