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Ruby & Moving Notice

3 Jun

I’m finally done with my portfolio website so the next post is going to be over at Please bookmark it, I don’t know if you can tell but I’m pretty excited :D:D:DD

My new blog is pretty much a combination of this blog and my main blog. You can still keep the name ‘ren clothed.‘. If you’re only interested in the outfits, the RSS feed for outfit posts are over here.

On to the last outfit for this blog~

The yellow cardigan is a cheap $10 piece that really proves that you get what you pay for. The shape is warped and the back hangs loosely like flabby skin (but I love the colour >_<). However, tying the front pieces in a knot served as instant botox, and really, with the way it’s gone out of shape, I had no qualms with tying it up ruthlessly :D

Lightning dress // Robotninjas
Yellow cardigan // Bugis Village
Maroon leggings (120 denier) // Top20
Black flats // gift (Cotton On)

Like I’m standing up!

Whenever people comment that I have very fleshy fingers, the first thought that runs through my mind is that of cannibals chewing on it and spitting the tiny finger bones out. If you’ve eaten chicken feet, you’d know what I mean XDD

Cya’ll at my new blog! <3


Doggie Dog

28 May

In February, I brought my doggie mask out to play in school. Frankly, these kind of masks scare me, but they do hold a morbidly attractive appeal XD

Purple splatter dress // Cotton On
Green striped pullover // Mango
Brown tribal necklace // gift (Japan)
Pink leggings (120 denier) // Far East
Brown flats // gift (Trendyzone)

My favourite photo :D

Super dog!

Doggie dog has myopia :DDD

Skull Duggery

26 May

Two outfits for this post :P

Some schoolmates made sets for their film/photography project and left this propped up against the common wall. Of course I couldn’t help but take a few sneaky outfit photos with the phone when I was wearing my skull tee XDD

White skull tee // gift (Threadless)
Black square cut-out skirt // bYSI
Black flats // gift (Cotton On)
TLR necklace // gift (made by The Boy)

The skirt was brand new from a massive sale. It cost $90 originally! That’s just daylight robbery.

In the next outfit, I dug out the salmon shirt that The Boy handed down to me after I expressed desire over it when he wore it the last time. I love the colour so much, and it didn’t hurt that it went so well with my turquoise necklace bwahaha <3

Salmon shirt // handed down from The Boy
Turquoise buddhist necklace // gift
Grey dotted skirt // Budinsea
Grey knee high socks // Cotton On
Brown concealed heels // MUJI
Red bunny bag // gift (Ich)

Looking like I got my right leg amputated =S


Blue Monster

24 May

Hi! I’m back! Will try to post consistently from now on, but I’m afraid to make promises (I believe the previous post illustrates why ^^;). Anyway, I’ve been working on a new website so I’m pretty excited about moving blogs, but it’s not going to be so soon, because I want to start blogging there only when I’m done with the portfolio page. Just to let you know in advance about the move :P

Soooooo, this outfit was from the beginning of the year. Am horribly backlogged OTL

White monster tee // Punk Star
Chiffon tiered floral skirt // online
Navy blue leggings (120 denier) // Top20
Brown flats // gift (Trandyzone)
Blue & white hairband // gift (made by my cousin)
Silver hoop earrings // gift

The huge silver loop earrings were a birthday gift from two of my secondary school friends after I finally got my ears pierced in 2005. It’s so pretty but heavy! Sometimes I take them out before the end of the day because I can almost feel my earlobes lengthening like Buddha’s XDD

When I was young, I went to Little India and saw an Indian woman with earlobes stretching all the way down to her shoulders. She had on gold earrings, and it must have been real gold because I could almost see through her elongated ear piercings. It was an exquisite sight, though I think it put me off getting my ears pierced for quite a while…


10 Mar

Apparently a few of my great grand uncles used to serve in the monarchy in China. Of course they all got sent to be executed when communism rose up. One of them escaped by jumping down the truck that was onwards certain death. I really admire his courage for even attempting that. Because I know that if it were me in his shoes, I would probably have quietly accepted my fate, because the fear of being caught in the future, or of being chased in the present, sometimes scares me more than death. It’s what my nightmares are made of.

White crochet top // gift (China)
Red elastic belt // Accessorize
Checkered skirt // Malaysia
Black flats // gift (Cotton On)
Black & grey ribbon flower hairclip // gift (Bangkok)

Probably the last animated gif you’ll see in a while ^^;

We’re Going To The Zoo Zoo Zoo

3 Mar

How about you you you?
You can come too too too,
We’re going to the zoo zoo zoo~

I used to sing this all day and pretend to be at the zoo with my cousins when I was younger. We’d scale across fences and pretend that there were man-eating crocodiles on the floor XDD

The day was originally supposed to be spent at the zoo (I had free tickets), but The Boy got a sudden case of food poisoning in the morning so we postponed it to the following week. Oh well, I was already dressed…

Black tube top (hidden) // Mugigae
White printed singlet // gift (Bangkok)
Beige skirt // People of Asia
Black 3/4 leggings // Topshop
Straw fedora // some cart stall
Black & grey ribbon flower hair clip // gift (Bangkok)
Shell bracelet // gift
Blue & white striped tabi socks // Minitoons
Yellow mary janes // painted by me
Brown sling bag // Cotton On

Achieving enlightenment!

Though in all seriousness, that halo in the last picture was the result of a dusty lens… am ashamed. OTL

Also, the skirt is a What-Was-I-Thinking article of clothing. I bought it when I was still pretty new to buying clothes for myself. I rarely wear it because (a) it’s beige and I find it a challenge to match beige to anything, (b) it’s straight-lined and (c) the last time I wore it I wore to a front row seat view of a local horror film a few years ago and it still gives me bad memories.

Also also, possibly the longest list of items in an outfit I’ve ever typed in a good while. Every element had it’s practical purpose for adventuring at the zoo!

Hat for protection against falling snakes, for example. I saw it happen before to a poor woman who climbed a mountain in China with me. I’ll always remember feeling relieved that she wore a wide-brimmed hat, and that it didn’t fall on my bare head. (Although sometimes I think back and wonder if the snake decided to fall onto her because of her colourful hat?)


27 Feb

So I’ve a stash of fabric from everytime I go wandering around town peering at shops which sell cloth, and decided to use some of them as a backdrop. Unfortunately, I think that you have to have a minimum of 3 meters in length to be able to have a cloth backdrop and stand straight. Learn something new everyday :P

Brown crochet top // gift (China)
Green patterned skirt // Topshop
Black elastic belt // Purpur
Brown heels // MUJI
Black & grey ribbon hair clip // gift (Bangkok)
Camera ring // gift (Bangkok)

I cannot express my love for this pair of MUJI heels. The heels are concealed, and the texture and shade of this brown appeals so much to me because of it’s uniqueness, and the back is really comfortable and doesn’t chafe at all. Too bad I have to bandage my little toes to protect them from the sides because the fan-like shaped of my toes and heels don’t really go well together. I still remember that I was empathetic with the witches in Roald Dahl’s The Witches when he described their feet as wide and flat (though that was because they had no toes, but the general shape was the same :P)

Lovely Bangkok items from my friend! <3

Granted that even my friends sometimes call me a hygiene freak, but I’m genuinely curious over how virtually everyone in the west wears their shoes indoors and even on the beds. Are the streets super clean, or do you wash your floors/change your bedsheets after every time you step on it??? I tried searching for answers online but no one said anything about transferring dirt from public toilets into the house and what you do about it…