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10 Mar

Apparently a few of my great grand uncles used to serve in the monarchy in China. Of course they all got sent to be executed when communism rose up. One of them escaped by jumping down the truck that was onwards certain death. I really admire his courage for even attempting that. Because I know that if it were me in his shoes, I would probably have quietly accepted my fate, because the fear of being caught in the future, or of being chased in the present, sometimes scares me more than death. It’s what my nightmares are made of.

White crochet top // gift (China)
Red elastic belt // Accessorize
Checkered skirt // Malaysia
Black flats // gift (Cotton On)
Black & grey ribbon flower hairclip // gift (Bangkok)

Probably the last animated gif you’ll see in a while ^^;


Round & Round

11 Feb

A schoolmate said that I reminded her of IKEA. Not that I mind, because IKEA takes some of the best photos ever. I recently got a mini-brochure in the mail and those photographs had me swearing to work for them T^T Also, some of their ads make me laugh or are simply awesome XD

Grey pocket dress // Max & More
Yellow cardigan // Bugis Village
Black elastic belt // Purpur
Blue leggings (120 denier) // Far East
Brown shoes // gift (Trendyzone)

Land ahoy!

I thought I’d be able to fuse with birdie here but it didn’t exactly work out :(

Here’s another animation! I had fun… I think too much fun. I really love photoshoots like this when I have the time to go slightly crazy XD

Sushi Boxes

6 Nov

This place was next to the generators for powering the canteen upstairs. One of the boxes had the word ‘sushi’ on it, and I thought it was amusing  :D

20090925aWhite printed singlet//gift (Thailand)
Red & grey striped cardigan//Malaysia
Brown pleat skirt//Radioactive
Light grey leggings (70 denier)//3Dots
Brown mary janes//gift (Trendyzone)



Another nonsense animation XDDD

Banana Muffin

28 Oct

I’ve got my new computer in my hands now! Hopefully the backlog won’t discourage me from posting ^^;;;;

20090918a Yellow Coca-Cola tee ✿ Hurs
Checkered skirt ✿ Malaysia
Gold flats ✿ Cotton On



Couldn’t resist making a short animation at the place XDD

p.s. I love you guys! <333<3<3

Peppermint Butterfly

27 Jun

We went to fly kites! Also, I finally opened the peppermint-coloured leggings that I’d bought from Kuching half a year ago XD

20090625a 20090625b
Pink hearts tee ✿ JJS
Purple dress-skirt ✿ gift (Hong Kong)
Peppermint leggings (70 denier) ✿ 3Dots
Black ribbon flats ✿ Tangerine
Fork & Spoon earrings ✿ made by me



The beautiful paper butterfly kite from China! You can see that I was being a kite-idiot and faced the wrong direction from the wind in one frame here hahaha! XD
(Btw that kite in the background with the long tail flying up was one monstrous beast and totally made of win!)

It was the only successful kite from the 5 kites we’d brought <33 But a few hours later at night, it suddenly dropped and upon retrieving it, we found that the top right wing had fallen off… never to be found again, because we had tied additional spools of string to the kite and it was pretty high up in the sky orz

I had some fun in the dark! People walking past stared and wondered wth I was doing erractically waving the torchlight in front of nobody XDD

I drew the wings first then estimated the position I had to stand… and this was on the first try!

The second one was more of a failure, but I like it much better (and probably the only picture that shows the earrings) XDD

And so went my first light painting attempt! (After more than a year’s procrastination hehe…)


1 Feb

I was feeling quite saddened at first so I decided to make an effort (i.e. put out more newspapers) in my newly cleaned room (omg there was a floor?!), and everything turned out much better after the photoshoot :D

img_3159 img_3166
Green tee ✿ gift (Thailand)
Bubble pinafore ✿ Kosit
Black tabi socks ✿ Japan
White sneakers ✿ B.U.M. Equipment
Red watch (not shown) ✿ gift (Swatch)
Black bag ✿Far East

img_3170 img_3177
Very few people I know can bend their feet inwards! But that’s only because they can bend them the other way…

‘Student Advisory Centre’ sticker after donating small change to students approaching people with donation bags today. It’s the first time I’d heard of it and after asking one of the students, it’s for pupils who aren’t well-off and need help paying for their tuition fees.  

Skull tabi socks! There used to be glitter but they dropped off, which is fine by me.

In better spirits there.

I also made a very rudimentary slouched walk cycle in .gif format :D

I swear it’s only the combination of the upward strain from the slouch and the downward strain of the hands-in-pockets that made my butt so pronounced in the pinafore!

I had the idea of a walk cycle running throughout my wardrobe photos for a while, but I guess it’s also another idea to be shelved because planning stuff tends to fry my brain :P

a;lfjlskdgsdgasg’qpwkrop523wt Renr : when fashion means fun & colors.
Modepass !!!! Thank you! I am so excited XDDD