We’re Going To The Zoo Zoo Zoo

3 Mar

How about you you you?
You can come too too too,
We’re going to the zoo zoo zoo~

I used to sing this all day and pretend to be at the zoo with my cousins when I was younger. We’d scale across fences and pretend that there were man-eating crocodiles on the floor XDD

The day was originally supposed to be spent at the zoo (I had free tickets), but The Boy got a sudden case of food poisoning in the morning so we postponed it to the following week. Oh well, I was already dressed…

Black tube top (hidden) // Mugigae
White printed singlet // gift (Bangkok)
Beige skirt // People of Asia
Black 3/4 leggings // Topshop
Straw fedora // some cart stall
Black & grey ribbon flower hair clip // gift (Bangkok)
Shell bracelet // gift
Blue & white striped tabi socks // Minitoons
Yellow mary janes // painted by me
Brown sling bag // Cotton On

Achieving enlightenment!

Though in all seriousness, that halo in the last picture was the result of a dusty lens… am ashamed. OTL

Also, the skirt is a What-Was-I-Thinking article of clothing. I bought it when I was still pretty new to buying clothes for myself. I rarely wear it because (a) it’s beige and I find it a challenge to match beige to anything, (b) it’s straight-lined and (c) the last time I wore it I wore to a front row seat view of a local horror film a few years ago and it still gives me bad memories.

Also also, possibly the longest list of items in an outfit I’ve ever typed in a good while. Every element had it’s practical purpose for adventuring at the zoo!

Hat for protection against falling snakes, for example. I saw it happen before to a poor woman who climbed a mountain in China with me. I’ll always remember feeling relieved that she wore a wide-brimmed hat, and that it didn’t fall on my bare head. (Although sometimes I think back and wonder if the snake decided to fall onto her because of her colourful hat?)



27 Feb

So I’ve a stash of fabric from everytime I go wandering around town peering at shops which sell cloth, and decided to use some of them as a backdrop. Unfortunately, I think that you have to have a minimum of 3 meters in length to be able to have a cloth backdrop and stand straight. Learn something new everyday :P

Brown crochet top // gift (China)
Green patterned skirt // Topshop
Black elastic belt // Purpur
Brown heels // MUJI
Black & grey ribbon hair clip // gift (Bangkok)
Camera ring // gift (Bangkok)

I cannot express my love for this pair of MUJI heels. The heels are concealed, and the texture and shade of this brown appeals so much to me because of it’s uniqueness, and the back is really comfortable and doesn’t chafe at all. Too bad I have to bandage my little toes to protect them from the sides because the fan-like shaped of my toes and heels don’t really go well together. I still remember that I was empathetic with the witches in Roald Dahl’s The Witches when he described their feet as wide and flat (though that was because they had no toes, but the general shape was the same :P)

Lovely Bangkok items from my friend! <3

Granted that even my friends sometimes call me a hygiene freak, but I’m genuinely curious over how virtually everyone in the west wears their shoes indoors and even on the beds. Are the streets super clean, or do you wash your floors/change your bedsheets after every time you step on it??? I tried searching for answers online but no one said anything about transferring dirt from public toilets into the house and what you do about it…

Spy Gadgets

24 Feb

Hair-swishing is just not the same with short hair XDD

White dress-top // Yuko
Pink & white striped jacket // gift
Blue leggings (120 denier) // Far east
Black flats // Cotton On
Pink voodoo doll necklace // Takashimaya
Camera ring // gift (Bangkok)

The evening sun shone for a short while through the clouds.

A friend went for a trip to Bangkok and came back with this amazing camera ring for me! She also bought me this pretty ribbon-flower hair clip that I wore for my next outfit :DDD

I feel like a spy when I wear the camera ring. My new favourite! <3


19 Feb

Somehow I’m turning to names for my uninspired blog titles.

The previous post title ‘Peter’ should ave been fairly obvious I hope… When I was in primary school, I had a lunch box with Peter Rabbit on the cover. Every morning before putting it into my bag, I would read the words on the cover, ‘The sun rises from the east and sets in the west’. It really helped me for a few of my science tests XDD

Pink plaid shirt // mum’s old (Ralph Lauren)
Black shorts // bYSI
Purple leggings // gift (London)
Yellow mary janes // painted by me
Brown sling bag // gift

The name of this title belonged to someone who could have been part of Mean Girls. She spoilt the name for me, because I would have liked her name to be associated with a better memory ^^;


17 Feb

This was another self-portrait photoshoot… a very successful one– a few of these turned up in my final series for the photography class :D

(I’ll miss taking classes that deal with photography now that I’ve used up my credits. The upside is that now I only have my FYP and Japanese to concentrate on. This means more time to go on drama/anime marathons XDD)

Grey floral dress // JE551
Grey oversized men’s pullover // Club Marc
Grey woolen stepped leggings // online
Brown shoes // gift (Trendyzone)

This is my display pic/avatar for most of my online communities now XDD

Thank you for the nice comments on the previous post, I’m really glad you all liked it :DD

The truth was, I was fully intending to draw on eyeliner normally. In fact, I think I did a pretty good job for my right eye. And then the left eye got really wonky, and I had to add on more liner on the right to balance it. And then just like that, everything escalated until I gave up and drew funny stuff instead (same goes for what happened behind the scenes for my header image hahaha).

Seriously, people who put on make-up on a daily basis command my utter respect. I salute you!

Happy Valentine’s!

14 Feb

Electronic kisses to everyone, and a happy Chinese New Year too!


13 Feb

Aaaaahhh I can’t believe I finally get to post this! It’s been months. I’m that backlogged ^^;

Well anyway on Saturday, I got off from my part-time job and walked over to the nearby park for a photoshoot, with a dSLR and an SLR. I wouldn’t normally get so serious lugging two heavy pieces of equipment, but the main reason was to take self-portraits for the final project of a photography class while using the opportunity to take outfit photos.

I chose to work on self-portraits for my photography project because it’s kinda like what I’ve been doing over here at wardrobe_remix, and really, the reason why I even started was because I got linked over from a self-portraiture group. I’ve kinda gone full circle :DD

Gah I’m so happy thinking back about the photoshoot (and more fun ones that will come up in the next couple of posts– can’t wait!) and there were so many photos that it was hard to choose which to post over here :D

Zebra dress // Max & More
Floral chiffon skirt // online
Peppermint leggings (70 denier) // 3Dots
Brown flats // gift (Trendyzone)

This last photo ended up being the only one from this photoshoot to be used in my final photography series.
Also, slide film and a 50mm F1.4 lens are made of love and win :D Too bad the lens was school equipment :(

I’ll also say that the giraffe is very high on my animals-to-love list (pun is mere coincidence). I went to the zoo recently and you can see and read what I have to say about them at my blog!